About Points of You

Points of You®が起こしたいこと

Points of You® is a leading company in training and development of human resources.
It was founded in 2006 by Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani.

Points of You® has developed tools to promote finding new perspectives.
With tools that can be used by individuals, professionals and organizations,
we address our tasks in a fun way with powerful methodology,
and provide unprecedented surprising results.


Using Points of You® enable you to draw out human's innate abilities.
We offer 4 basic processes of our method to draw out the abilities.


    Pausing allows us to shift our inner frequency from the always-busy everyday frequency to a quieter one, enabling us to look deeper. In this stage we rest up and prepare to bring out our abilities and potential.


    Our innate abilities, our ability to listen, our ability to observe are said to be significantly deteriorated by the development of information society. Drawing out this abilities not only draws out the ability of self-understanding, and the ability to understand others, but also extends the limits of our own abilities.


    We use guiding questions to clarify and define exactly which of the newly discovered possibilities is right for our journey. We have worked on our right brain until STAGE 2, and here we stimulate our left brain and activate logic thinking.


    It’s time to advance from thought to action. We draft an action plan that outlines the necessary steps and sets the timetable for realizing our insights. By actions, we need to adjust our plans, and our abilities can be updated by repeating STAGE 1 to 4.


In the Points of You®, a variety of creative and easy-to-use tools are offered in accordance with the purpose of use.

Our main tool, The Coaching Game, consists of 4 items such as a deck of 65 inspirational cards with photos and words, and layout charts.
Compact Punctum includes a deck of 33 unique cards, 33 theme cards and 33 question cards.

There are many other creative and effective tools available for personal and professional development.

Points of You Asia

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. I am Ichii, the representative of Points of You Asia and Points of You Japan.

As a crisis management expert, I have been involved in crisis management activities such as disaster prevention and crime prevention for more than 10 years. What I've learnt in my experience is that many people do not actually know what to do when disasters occur right before their eyes. They cannot inflate the image of what is not happening right before their eyes. Then, in order to improve my power of imagination, "what should I do" was the reason I began looking for this tool.

I have been to England for about three and a half years when I looked for the right one. In British education, creative thinking has been tackled in classes by using a picture to expand ideas. Teacher asked "What kind of house will you build in this picture? What kind of things are there in this house? What kind of life do you want to live"? If there are ten students, ten student say what they want to say.

Based on such experience, I looked for a training tool to improve my power of imagination and finally found the "Points of You®".

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