About Points of You® in general

QWhat is The Coaching Game?
AThe Coaching Game is a creative and powerful tool for personal and professional development. It allows us to experience countless points of view, break free from set patterns of thought, and open up new possibilities for expansion and growth. It can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme, played individually, one-on-one, with your clients, partners and friends, or in a group. You can see how The Coaching Game looks and what is included here for you.
QWhat kind of training programs are there?
AIn Points of You Japan, three levels of programs: Elementary (Evangelist), Intermediate (Trainer) and Advanced (Master Trainer) are available. For more detailed information, please refer to the URL.
QWhy is it called a game? Is there a way to win?
AThe Coaching Game does not have a winner or loser. As we say to play it, it is called a game. 1) We say what we usually don’t say, 2) We get a chance, and are able to pull out it. In addition, the word “play” reveals a safe nuance that each player participate and is allowed to select the way to share on their own initiative.
QWhy all tools are using photos?
AIt is because all the Points of You® tools are based on phototherapy techniques.
QHow the 65 photographic images and themes of The Coaching Game were selected?
AOur games were created based on 65 themes related to life. We asked both professional and amateur photographers to take photographs that matched the themes. Each photograph depicted on the Points of You® cards and book was selected by developers (Yaron and Efrat) out of thousands of available photographs.
QI got The Coaching Game, but I don’t know what to do. Please help.
APlease take some time for you to find the possibility of The Coaching Game. Schedule a session with yourself or someone else, spread out the cards in front of you, see the cards, try to link them together. Choose your card of the day or let your partner choose it, and see what the picture shows to you. Page 8-11 of the text will provide you detailed information on how to play The Coaching Game. And, as you start to work with the game, you can enjoy our support that is included in the item price of The Coaching Game. Please don’t hesitate to contact your certified trainer at your convenience.
QI would like to conduct sessions and workshops using the Points of You® games and tools in other countries.
AThe Asian region is under the control of Points of you Japan. Please contact us if you need more information about how to develop regional activities. It is possible to introduce trainers of each country or region, and give suggestions for collaboration.
QPeople around me asking where to purchase the Points of You® games and tools for their own use. Is there are any business opportunity here? How can I participate?
ACertified trainers who have completed a training program have sales rights of the games and tools. Offering at wholesale price, boost your business and gain business opportunities such as tool sales by becoming a certified trainer.

About using tools

QDo I need to qualify for a coach for using The Coaching Game?
ANo. The Coaching Game is an excellent coaching tool for life and business coaches, therapists, psychologists and others, and its purpose is to make it easy for everyone to use. Even self-coaching at home, or playing The Coaching Game with a partner or family, and of course it can also be adapted to various occupations. In cooperation with our experience, it shows that people are adapting this powerful tool to their practices, for example in aspects such as education, theatrical performance, management, Oriental medicine, massage therapy and family events. For learning more about methods of using the tools, participation in our training programs is recommended (URL).
QWhere can I get information on how to play The Coaching Game individually, one-on-one or in a group?
AYou can obtain information on ways to utilize The Coaching Game at the Points of You Japan Facebook page, and community page of certified people who have completed the training courses.

About usage scenes

QHow to use Points of You® at work?
AThe world‘s leading corporations use The Coaching Game for business purposes. The name cannot be presented here, but many famous Japanese companies work with our tools in various fields such as personnel (interview, self-discovery), leadership development, team building, mental care as well as at social gatherings and corporate settings.
QI would like to take Points of You® as a part of counseling.
AFor those already certified as trainers have taken the methods and tools of Points of You® as a part of counseling. It is utilized in conjunction with activities such as herbal treatment, aromatherapy and yoga as well as one-on-one peer counseling.

About effects

QWhat kind of advantages or effects can I enjoy by participating in the Coaching Game?
ASpecific results of participating in the Coaching Game vary from individual to individual. Some people undergo dramatic changes in their points of view at a rapid pace in an one-hour session, while others are frustrated even if they do one day training. We encourage you to participate in our workshops once. Detailed information is available on our website.